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Once over in planet troll karkat and gamzee where lazily watching some bleach episodes on the couch in karkats' house. 4 it was a cloudy day outside and not really a good day 2 be out unless u like being out side on cloudy days. But any way gamzee and karkat where watching tv on the couch in the living room curled up next 2 each other in karkats' hive. In the kitchen some water was boiling so they could have some hot chocolate later as they have their little lazy day date. They could have this lazy day also because it's been kinda slow over on planet troll and they already took care of everything yesterday. After watching some tv karkat and gamzee decided 2 listen 2 a little music 2gether while they drank their hot chocolate on the bean bags that karkat had in his room. As they were quietly sipping their cocoa while listening 2 some jack off jill karkat gets up real quick 2 go 2 the bathroom. While he was washing his hands though he threw some water on his face. U see karkat has been having some troubles lately that he hasn't been sharing with his boyfriend gamzee. Karkat didn't know how much more of his problems he could take though. He was desperately looking 4 a way out, but so far he came nowhere 2 finding it. So he calls up rose 2 send him some saki 4 him and his company. Then he goes 2 his transporter 2 get the saki then he returns 2 his room with the saki. Gamzee turns 2 him and asks him where he got it from and y did he take so long. Karkat simply replied that he was feeling in a saki mood so he called up rose 4 some liquor. Gamzee just nodded his head and went back 2 his cocoa. As gamzee was doing this karkat got out some cups and started pouring the saki into the cups. As karkat was drinking up from his cup he servs gamzee his cup. pretty soon they were both a bit tipsy from their drinks. They laughed at each others drunken stories while cuddled each other pretty soon they had decided 2 go ahead and have sex on the human bed karkat somehow has in his hive. So drunk and motivated both karkat and gamzee started undressing in front of each other 2 arouse the other. Once the where undressed karkat laied down on the bed while spreading his legs out so gamzee could come on in, this made gamzee go wild on the inside. So gamzee gets on his knees and starts slowly but gradually start moving his hips into karkats' hips. during this time every second was a hot steamy explosion of pleasure that made both karkat and gamzee moan in pleasure as well as give them both oh so pleasurable orgasms. For this steamy pleasurable awesomeness lasted about 15 minute 4 the troll lovers u see. Then in 1 last oh so pleasurable pump they both fell asleep in the heat of their triumph. The next day hung over and naked they woke up not knowing what 2 make of last night. But the way they saw it they where boyfriend and boyfriend. They shouldn't have 2 feel ashamed about having the best night ever. Beside it's not like there's some all powerful man in the sky that's silently judging them or some weird shit like that. I mean come on! That doesn't even make sense or anything! Even the smallest grub would know that's stupid! But if it was told enough times though out a long enough period of time trolls might believe it. But only because they've been told the fib 4 so long 4 so many times that the get brain washed into thinking it's true. That's y troll detest religion on all forms. Because they view it as just that. A fictional story that's been so pounded into human skulls that it brain washes them into believing it's true. Kinda like some nameless evil that forces its way into society so much on such a mass scale that people stop fighting it and just submit into taking its lies as truth. But any way since they were hung over they just sat down on the cough with some ice on their heads in their under wear while watching some tv. It wasn't their greatest moment but it'll have 2 do 4 now. Besides happy tree friends was on at the moment. They both liked the show so whatever right. Besides they were busy eating some left over ihop pancakes while watching happy tree friends anyway. Besides live was 2 short 2 make a big fuss over the little details and random bullshit that always seems 2 be lingering around in both live and death. Only difference with death is that every1 is dealing with ur bullshit 4 u. At least that both karkat and gamzee could agree on. And really what is so wrong with waking up from an awesome night with the person ur in love with anyway? Well soon after they finished breakfast  gamzee kissed karkat got dressed and went home. The end.
I wanted 2 be as detailed as I could possibly be this time. I myself have a pretty good imagination but I still strive 4 mental imagey perfection.
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