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equius, karkat and vriska were working hard. they were running around in circles 4 the most part. While they were working vriska thought 2 herself."Hey I don't have these 2 on tape 2gether. And i know that if i don't jade doesn't eighter. maybe i should fix that." So when it was all said and done vriska tells equius and karkat that she's gonna need them 2 do something in say a half a hour or so. and it'll be best if thier with each other when that happens so it'll be best if they both stay at 1 hive together and wait 4 the signal. Equius and karkat finds this 2 be a little odd but they agree 2 do so. They decid 2 go 2 karkats hive on the way they talk 2 eachother. here's the log.
Equius: was it just me or was vriska acting odd back there?
Karkat: I think she's planning something big that involves us.
Equius: Then y would she need us in the same hive?
Karkat: probubly so when she contacts 1 she'll contact both.
Equius: yeah i can see that. well here we r at ur hive. let's go inside.
Karkat: Ok.
So they went in. a few minutes after they got in and made themselfs at hive jade messages them. She told them that she was gonna send them a little gift of sorts though the telleporter. A minute or 2 later something came though the teleporter. It was a bottle of vodka and a bucket. There was also a note. the note said that they should try some of this voka and the bucket was 4 puking in just incase they drank 2 much. they didn't know what 2 do because trolls use buckets 4 mating not puking. But they figured that she didn't mean anything bad when sending the bucket. so karkat puts away the bucket while equius poured they voka into cups. They cheered and drank up. Now drunk they dance around half ready 2 trip over them selfs. they hot really hot and decided it would be a good idea 2 strip naked in order 2 cool off. As they walk around they fall over each other. But as they were getting up equius noticed that his dick was in karkats ass. 2 the both of them this felt incredibly good. So they continued. but what they didn't know was that vriska was video taping them using a hidden video camrea that she had planted in karkats house. she liked what she saw very much. She was sad when they finished up but at least she had recorded them in action. She decids that she best make the copy 4 jade quickly. Jade was nice but she doesn't like waiting 4 the videos all that long. So she burns a copy on2 a cd and sends it 2 jade. Soon after jade messages her back. thier log goes like this.
Jade: ty 4 the cd roxy is here with me and is just as ecited 2 see it as me.
Vriska: Hey i just do the recording and distributing. ur the 1 getting them drunk enough 2 do such acts. how do u get such strong stuff any way?
Jade: roxy here likes the videos just as much as me so she gives me the drinks needed in order 2 make them. But I do but a little bit or male homones in it so they get horny enough 2 carry it out.
Vriska: good. Hey do u think we'll like the videos more if we took enough female hormones 2 have same amount as a 15 year old girl?
Jade: it's worth a shot. let's do it!
So the trio dose it. and when they did man the they enjoy it. it was like a plesure bomb exploded in thier brain. and after that they decided 2 make a secret allince 4 pulling stunts like this.
                                       the end
I thought i'd make a fan fic that kinda shows how a writer uses a serise of events in order 2 make a fan fic.
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August 12, 2012
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